Don't just be a makeup artist!

Be a Natural Beauty expert with MOVE Makeup's Total Beauty Ambassador Program.

Give your clients something that other makeup artists can't - Learn how to be their guide to beautiful skin with and without makeup!

****Now is the time to join this innovative new program.****

Transformative Benefits!

  • Learn about Holistic Health and natural beauty for yourself and then pass on this information to your clients so that they know you as their go to natural beauty expert.

  • Receive tried, true, and tested natural health beauty tips to pass on to your clients.

  • Access subscriber only video tutorials on using natural non-toxic makeup to achieve high quality, picture perfect results.

  • Receive deep discounts on makeup to use in your kit plus a drop ship program for ordering makeup for your clients that gives you a great profit margin without needing to keep inventory on hand.

  • Learn how to transform your clients into life long customers and raving fans by giving them the support and guidance on truly achieving their beauty goals in a healthy, life affirming way 

With this program, you'll become an invaluable, reliable resource to your clients!

They'll come back to you time after time because YOU have the knowledge to help them keep their skin healthy and beautiful!

Monthly membership program for qualifying MUAs is only $79.99/month! For beta testers, the membership fee is reduced to just $20/month!

If this is something you are interested in, leave us your email address and we'll let you know when the beta program launches! This one-of-a-kind program (offered to *you* at a significant discount) is what you need to take your services deeper and become more than just a makeup artist. You are ready and this is the next step love!

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