MOVE Makeup is a new sweatproof, natural makeup that won't sweat off in the summer heat.

It is uniquely formulated with non-irritating and soothing minerals that withstand your most active days.

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Includes foundation, concealer, and finishing veil plus a bonus eyeshadow.

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Everything you need!

Everything you need!





What do current MOVE Makeup customers think?

Rebekah said "So excied to get mineral foundation formulated to match my fair sunrise skintone. Thanks so much MOVE Makeup!!! This is the only makeup I like to use!!!! It's awesome!!!"

Priya said "I really am amazed by the stay power of this makeup. Ballet dancing from 9am - 5pm and it still looks great!"

Jessica said "I was so excited to rock them in the gym yesterday. I did a hardcore exercise plan for an hour of good sweating time and I looked fabulous. I'm loving this sweatproof makeup. I know I'll be wearing mine to my next all day tournament. I didn't feel like I had any on. And usually I wash my face after a workout. I still felt comfortable in it!"