BohoQueen Collection - BOLD Palette - 4 shades


BohoQueen Collection - BOLD Palette - 4 shades


The much anticipated #BohoQueen Collection is making it's debut with the first item in the collection - the BOLD Palette! 

The BOLD Palette boasts 4 beautiful, shimmery shades of purple and pink. 

ROMANCE: To keep your heart sweet and forever filled with possibility
BEJEWELED: To remind you of how brightly you sparkle
VAMP: To bring out the boss babe when she's needed
SEDUCE: To invoke the divine feminine and bask in her (YOUR) power

5 gram containers


The #BohoQueen Collection is MOVE Makeup's "Ode to the Queens" - Undefined and poetically divine - a BohoQueen creates herself anew as she sees fit. She commands a beautiful power that can be soft, can be loud, can be sweet, can be proud and is always strong and is always her own. Remember your Queendom and your BOLDness with the BOLD Palette.

*****Look out for the rest of the collection!******


MOVE eyeshadow not only looks beautiful and natural, it also lasts throughout even your most strenuous activities. It's unique formula produces a sweat-proof eyeshadow that won't budge while your working out, running errands, or just busying through life. We have a variety of beautiful colors that are fun, vibrant, and flattering! Give it a try! If you need a recommendation, message me and I'll be happy to help! 

MOVE Makeup isn't just another mineral makeup brand. These minerals were chosen and blended using the unique perspective of a dancer with sensitive skin. A dancer with a chemical engineering degree. A woman that knew WHAT it needed to do and HOW it needed to do it.

*5 gram containers of natural mineral eyeshadow
*great for sensitive eyes
*non-irritating ingredients
*vibrant colors
*can be applied dry or wet using Natural Fix Setting Spray

A little goes a long way. This eyeshadow will last *forever* and won't spoil or 'go bad'. You'll be able to use it for years to come!

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