Self Care for Busy Women: 90 Days to Restoring Your Spirit!

Free yourself from dragging through every day in zombie mode and discover how to feel restored, renewed, and able to handle all that life presents you with ease, grace, joy and the knowing that things are always working in your favor.



  1. Discover why self-care is more than just a luxury but a necessity

  2. Reignite your inner light and feel good about life

  3. Discover a wellspring of joy that makes the ups and downs of life easy to navigate

  4. Find a renewed energy to get things done and accomplish more

  5. Show up as your best self for the people and responsibilities in your life



  1. Initial Rebalance & Restart session designed to explore the roots of why making time for yourself has not been a priority and to lay out the best path forward.

  2. A personalized ‘My Self Care Ritual’ plan and guidance (think gentle hand-holding) in making it a regular part of your life.

  3. 6 biweekly Balance Sessions where we evaluate where you are, what you’ve been experiencing, and create a game plan for addressing and learning from it. (NOTE: There will be homework and it will be fun!)

  4. A Self care for Busy Women guidebook with insightful and transformative exercises designed to encourage a deep appreciation and valuing of self


Special Bonus:

**Put Your Best Face Forward (Action Plan) – literally – This high-value special bonus plan uses my proven system of effective skincare that turns skin around in 30 days or less. Imagine having the clear, glowing skin you’ve always wanted with just a few tweaks and lifestyle changes. PYBFF starts you off with a Get Gorgeous (Skin) Assessment Session to determine exactly what’s going on with your skin. You also learn why the state of your skin is so important to your confidence level and how to use your skin regimen as a source of continuous empowerment instead of frustration. Finally, I create your customized ‘Skin Fitness’ plan, a detailed and tailored plan that gets your skin in shape and you feeling truly good when you look in the mirror - maybe for the first time.  ($297 value)


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