Best Ways to Hide Those Pesky Lines and Wrinkles

Looking in the mirror after thirty can often become a humbling affair. We are continually reminded that time marches on, and seeing it march across our face is something none of us are excited to experience.

Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize those pesky lines and wrinkles that crop up over time, giving you back your fresh and youthful appearance. Here are some quick fixes you can employ at home to make your time in the mirror a bit gentler.


Best Ways to Hide Those Pesky Lines and Wrinkles.PNG

Apply A Plumping Moisturizer

As skin becomes drier with age, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Filling in those lines with a plumping moisturizer that nourishes your skin will give it a more vital, youthful look. The ingredient hyaluronic acid pulls water in and concentrates it in drier areas, resulting in a refreshed complexion. According to Revivology plastic surgery, hyaluronic acid is often used as a filler in facial treatments. Look for similar ingredients in your daily facial moisturizer.


Use Retinoids as Part of Your Daily Skin Regimen

Retinoids are chemical compound that spur your skin to replenish collagen, the elastic compound known to combat the effects of aging. Use retinoids as directed, and be consistent, as most of them take between 3 to 6 months of application before you see a noticeable difference.


Use Silicone Primer Under Makeup

Using a cakey foundation and powder without priming it on your face first will age you. Makeup will settle into these fine lines and wrinkles, exaggerating their appearance, and making you look older than you would like. The application of a silicone primer under makeup will fill in uneven skin texture, giving you a smooth canvas to work with when applying makeup. Be sure to use natural mineral powders that will stay on all day as well. Fighting droopy, melting foundations is sure to age you more than you’d like.


Makeup Application: Less Is More

While on the subject of makeup, remember a golden rule of aging: Less is more when applying makeup. The more you apply, the more bogged down your skin will feel and look. Consult your local beauty professionals to see which products are best for your skin at your age. Choosing all-natural, herbal makeups will keep your skin in premium shape at any age. 


Play Up Key Features on Your Face

Drawing attention away from areas that you don't want people to view is key to appearing younger. Play up your eyes with a striking, matte eyeshadow combination, or if you have a killer set of lips, add a bit of bright color and shimmer to your bottom lip to draw eyes to your best features. Playing up your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses will keep you looking young and fresh.


The key to looking beautiful as you age is to take care of yourself from the inside out. Your focus should be prevention and maintenance. With proper self-care, you can avoid most of the worst parts of aging. Embrace yourself, create a signature look that you can feel proud of, and you will age beautifully.