neutral palette

Why #BohoQueen?

I’m really excited about this new collection. I’ve been thinking about it and letting it develop and morph into what it really wanted to be. I initially started with the idea of #BohoFit because MOVE is all about being active and engaged (and yes, that leads to fit-ness) but also about being unique, your own individual self, a beautiful force to be felt in the world. Boheme women are unapologetically themselves, infusing their life with meaning and self-expression and uncoventionalness when convention doesn’t match their inner guidance.


As the collection became it’s own though, with feedback from customers like you, friends and family, I realized that this collection is much more than that - it’s about embracing our Queendom. It’s that significant. It’s that significant for me personally and as a ripple effect out, (because I create what I feel) is significant for my tribe as well.


MOVE is going through a rebirth so to speak. My brand baby is stepping into her own and quietly but assuredly claiming her right to be here and her right to be all that she is, unapologetically. It’s a new identity because it’s undefined even enigmatic. You will get to know who she is as you allow yourself to truly know her - just like anyone of us right?


I’ve said this before - MOVE has never just been about makeup. MOVE is a MOVEment. It awakens that MAVEN within you that is empowered, that is ACTIVELY a part of her life, that is afraid and does it scared anyway, She is the confident you, the you that knows that she has a power from within that moves with her femininity and her divine nature and that she can use at will to shine bright and sparkle with the stars.


And so the #BohoQueen Collection is my first ode to the Queen in you. In this rebirth phase of MOVE Makeup, it’s appropriate to create a collection for you that will inspire you into your rebirth as well. If you’ve needed inspiration to MOVE to your next level of evolution, move with us and be inspired.

Check out the first palette - BOLD - of the #BohoQueen Collection and stay tuned for the REGAL palette - being released next week!