DIY Natural Makeup Setting Spray

This past Saturday, I was fortunate again to be a guest on KTHV’s morning show. I shared a recipe for making a natural Makeup Setting Spray. Makeup setting sprays on the market are generally ridiculously expensive. They are a great product – giving the face a dewy glow and helping powder makeup to stay in place all day. Often times the price tag and the hair spray like ingredients though, can be a major deterrent (You think?!).

In comes the DIY Makeup Setting Spray. In its simplest form, it consists of two main ingredients – vegetable glycerin and water. Yep, it’s that simple. You can watch the clip of the segment to get all the details on how to make it. The recipe for about 8 oz is  2oz or ¼ cup of vegetable glycerin to 6 oz or ¾ cup of distilled/purified water.

Now while I was there at the studio, after talking with another presenter Chef Cameron (the owner of Bistro Catering – you should check them out!), I thought about the fact that although it is possible to find all the ingredients you’d need to make this yourself, it might be quite cumbersome to do so. Think time, convenience, availability of supplies…SO after doing a little research, I’ve decided to offer a kit that has all the ingredients you need shipped right to you! Yes, I am excited :).

And I genuinely hope you are too!

This kit will contain 2 oz of vegetable glycerin, a purse size spray bottle, a label, instructions, plus a set of 3 essential oils in 2 ml containers - skin type dependent - to add to your setting spray. This will all be neatly packaged and sent over to you so that you can try your hand at mixing your own blend. Each kit will have an explanation of the essential oils suggested and the amounts necessary to enhance the spray. 

I think this is a big deal! Do you agree?? My thought is to charge $25 for this kit. Would you pay for that? Do you want to purchase one? If so, respond in the comments or send me a quick email to let me know! If I get enough interest, I’ll start making them and getting them out the door!

Now if you aren’t the DIY type, you don’t have to feel left out :-). Move Makeup's Fixit Setting Spray is making it's debut really soon. It has some extra special ingredients that you can't just get anywhere ;-) and it's price tag is a LOT less than a lot of other brands. And it's good for your skin. Can't top that ;-). Be on the lookout for it to show up in the SHOP.

And on that note, let's say adieu! I'll see you next post!

#CanvasPrep: Turmeric for Bright Skin

Hey there mavens!

Checking in with you today to share some CanvasPrep beauty tips! You probably know already how important skincare is, maybe even more important than the makeup you use (aghast!). With my beginnings in esthetics, it's important to me that I give you the keys to bringing about your most beautiful face and then adding lovely, non-toxic makeup to that mix for dazzle and pizazz :-).

With that in mind, I'm sharing my latest segment on KTHV, Channel 11 where I talk about the virtues of Turmeric. You know, the yellow spice, that stains like crazy? Well it's absolutely wonderful for your health and is especially awesome for your skin.

Check out the video below (by clicking on the picture) where I give a super simple recipe and talk about some of it's great qualities. I've added this mask once a week to my spring skincare routine and I'm loving the results. Let me know if you try it!

Exercise Pretty - Salsa!

I've always been an advocate of dance as a wonderful form of exercise. A full body workout, it's what kept me in great shape all those years when I was dancing every single day. I went a few years without dancing everyday and boy could I tell the difference. Now that I'm back to dancing almost everyday, YAY, the difference is showing :). 

I had a chance to showcase salsa as dance on KTHV Channel 11 with my dance partner Al Rivera. What fun. Did you know that dancing can burn up to 600 calories an hour? You can see the video by clicking here

Are you a dancer? Does it keep you in shape? What other exercises do you enjoy? 

Btw, in the video, yes I am wearing Move Makeup. It's the only thing that I trust my skin with, especially when I know I'm going to be sweating. I want you to try it! Click here to join our email list.