Women's Empowerment

4 Powerful Women To Help Inspire You Today

Throughout history, there are countless stories of women stepping up to fight for what they believe to be right and just. Here are a few of the most inspiring women in the history of the world:


As the first woman to ever enlist in the United States Navy, Loretta Perfectus Walsh has gone down in history as a true patriot. Born April 22, 1896, Walsh also carries the distinction of the first woman to be named as a chief petty officer. Walsh was only 21 when the country entered the battle of World War I and she officially joined the fight herself shortly before the U.S. involvement was made official on April 6, 1917.


As the first and only woman in U.S. history to receive a coveted Medal of Honor, Walker will forever be remembered for her courage during the Civil War. Walker first made a name for herself when she left her private medical practice to volunteer during the war as a surgeon. Fighting for the Union, Walker was known as a staunch abolitionist and was once captured by the Confederate Army and accused of being a spy. Walker was also one of the pioneering leaders of the women's suffrage movement, known for her proclivity for dressing like a man in an effort to inspire others to be themselves and fight for what they believe is just.


This Polish-French physicist was the first woman and only person to win the Nobel Peace Prize twice. Curie's most famous scientific research led to the patented theory of radioactivity along with the discovery of both radium and plutonium. These breakthrough scientific discoveries contributed to the development of X-rays, making Curie a pioneer and early adopter of modern medicine.


Born February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks is one of the most-recognized figures of the U.S. civil rights movement. Parks rose to fame when she refused to move to the back of the bus during the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. Her act of defiance would go on to become a symbol of the civil rights movement, inspiring people for generations to come.

As time marches on, women will continue to step up to champion the cause of human rights and equality. It is essential to recognize their accomplishments and be open to being led by their empowering actions.

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