1 Million Cups Little Rock

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of presenting at 1 Million Cups LR. 1 Million Cups is a program that gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their startups to a diverse community of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs (taken straight from their website).

It's a nationwide program and the Little Rock chapter started perhaps a year or so ago. One of my mentors/fellow classmates from the Pre-flight Program asked if I would be interested in presenting a few months ago. We set the date of March 4th and too quickly, it came :-).

However, I was told it was a very informal presentation, so I prepared my notes and just set my intention to be myself, express my passion, answer the questions that I could and be honest about the ones I could not answer.

Minus a few rambles and unfocused moments, I was able to do all of that! Luckily, I know my business really well and I'm extremely passionate about it, so the questions were actually easy to answer. I even surprised myself with how easily the answers came to me.

Afterwards, I had quite a few great conversations of encouragement and connection with various attendees. Everyone was excited about the idea and eager to offer insight, a name or idea that might spark a collaboration, or even just a handshake and a word of good luck. It felt awesome. (Especially considering that I had been sick all the previous day and came to the presentation on the verge of a vomiting spell :-./.)

The going can get kind of rough on this entrepreneurial rode. I'd admittedly been in one of the stress valleys of "how is this all going to work out", so being so well received at 1 Million Cups was a great boost to my morale and "rah rah"ness. (You'll see that I use this made-up word a lot ;-)).

One thing I definitely am is a survivor and I'd like to say thriver even ;-). I'm adaptable and I'm learning all the time. Growing a business isn't for the weary and taking a small business and transforming it into a company is no easy feat. I'm committed and devoted however and what's more - I believe ;-).

Btw, A great write-up in Talk Business & Politics by Wesley Brown stemmed from my talk - it explains in excellent form my recent changes and goals for Move Makeup. Give it a read when you can!