#ontheMOVE Periscope Show - Every Friday at 2pm

#ontheMOVE Scope Show

Hey there MOVE Mavens and supporters! Have you been on Periscope yet? I know this is my fourth post about it, lol BUT I really feel like it's a great new way to connect with you all! I love the idea of being able to answer your questions on the spot and just here real time how MOVE products are working out for you.

So in that spirit, I've decided to go ahead and make my Periscope time official! From now on, you can find me scoping every Friday at 2pm CST. I'll share the news of the week, inspiring makeup looks, a customer Q&A session, and of course a giveaway for all of the viewers that join the email list! Pretty awesome right?

If you aren't following MOVE on Periscope - go fix that right now - search for @mymovemakeup and hit that follow button. Then go to your calendar and set a reminder for every Friday at 2pm. I'll be looking for you ;).

Also if you have any questions you want me to address, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure they get answered! See you Friday!