Flawless Finish: Pro Tips for Applying Makeup That Lasts

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Have you ever felt like the makeup you put on in the morning has somehow disappeared by the afternoon? It’s not your imagination! All that work you put in to look amazing can blend away if it's not set properly. While we can’t pick your style for you, we can give you some advice on how to get some insta worthy quality makeup looks. With a little prep and a touch-up or two, you can get makeup that lasts with these quick tips.  

Start with Clean, Moisturized Skin

If your skin is dry when you put on makeup a couple of things can happen. First, it may overproduce oil which is like a tiny little mudslide for your foundation, blush, contour — you get the picture. The second outcome is that your face can get flaky and show fine lines even more than usual because the makeup settles in. Not good.

Clean your skin well with a gentle cleanser or something more natural like coconut oil (oil cleansing is actually pretty effective if you’re looking for an acne fix) that takes away any residue or dirt on the skin but doesn’t strip it of moisture. Apply a moisturizer with SPF and let it sink into your skin for about 10 minutes before putting on your makeup. That combination of moisturizer and coconut oil cleansing will give you a such a gorgeous glow that you might just skip the highlighter altogether!

Apply Primer

If you’ve never used primer before, you will be shocked at how well this stuff works. It evens out the skin, makes it feel super soft, and hangs on to your makeup for dear life so it doesn’t go anywhere you don’t want it to. You may want to use a separate primer for your face and your eyes depending on your skin type. Get some samples to try out a few different kinds and figure out which one you like best. Once you go primer you’ll never go back.

Use Makeup with Staying Power

Whatever products you use, make sure that they’re strong enough to last. If you’re using a blush or bronzer, use one with high pigment. If you’re using eyeliner and mascara make sure they’re water-resistant. For foundation, try a longwear formula. Make sure you are using the right color for your skin tone. If you want long-lasting looks you’ll have to use products meant for that. Some subtle blushes or sheer foundations will look amazing for a couple of hours but then you have to reapply. Be minimalist with the areas you can get away with and use highly pigmented, water resistant formulas everywhere else. If you’re concerned about water resistant ingredients in conventional cosmetics, you can try natural formulas that use ingredients like beeswax to stay put.

Spritz with a Setting Spray

This is another game changer. Using a light mist of setting spray or toning spray makes you makeup last longer and stay put. It also instantly sinks the pigments into the skin a little bit so your look is more natural and less cakey.

Prepare to Touch Up

Your makeup is working to stay put through your body heat, changes in outside temperature, humidity, sweat, and all kinds of other gnarly conditions. Try to get travel sizes of your products and check in on your look every 3-4 hours.

Take it All Off

At the end of the day take off all that makeup, and do it right. Get back to that coconut oil to remove your eye makeup and wash your face thoroughly before you put on a nice moisturizer. If you don’t get all of today’s makeup off, then tomorrow’s makeup is going on top of it which can clog your pores, cause skin problems, and make your makeup flaky and uneven.