5 Steps for Loving Your Makeup-Free Face

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A big part of loving the bare face you see in the mirror is having healthy, clear skin. A lot of people think that high-end products and serums are the keys to flawless skin, but a few simple changes in your daily health routine can dramatically improve the condition of your complexion.

Take off Makeup Before Bed

This may seem trivial but it is SO important. Taking off your makeup before you go to bed ensures that it is not sitting in your pores all night long. Use a makeup remover towelette followed by a facial cleanser to guarantee that your pores are clean before you lay your head on your pillow. If you do not have a makeup remover on hand, take some olive oil on a cotton swab or pad to remove your makeup! Adding a silk pillowcase to the deal can help you wake up that much more refreshed.

Good-Quality Sleep

Remember when your mom told you to get to bed so that you could get your beauty sleep? Like always, mom was right. Getting a good night's sleep heals your skin and prevents dark circles. Eight hours is ideal, but if you’re not sleeping correctly, numbers don’t matter. Avoid sleep saboteurs like late-night caffeine, lights, and spring mattresses. And whether you like it hot or cold, find your ideal sleep temperature and stick to it.

For times when you can’t manage to get eight hours a night, grab some honey from your kitchen and put it on your face two or three times a week. This naturally heals tired skin! Also remember to apply a moisturizer before bed.

Remember your SPF

Before you head out for the day, remember to apply sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the damaging UV rays. The Mayo Clinic recommends an SPF of 15 or higher and to reapply every two hours or more frequently if you are in the water or sweating a lot. Work sunscreen into your routine now to avoid sun spots later in life.

Try to Manage Stress Levels

Believe it or not, stress can make our skin problems worse. Stress can lead to breakouts among other skin problems, so do your best to work something relaxing into every day. Whether it is a calm walk outdoors, a few minutes of yoga or meditation, or a hobby that you choose, take a minute to appreciate yourself and your worth. Your skin will thank you.

Monitor Your Diet

You know the old saying "you are what you eat"? Well, your skin is what you eat too. The better quality food you are putting into your body, the better and healthier your skin will look. The fresher the food the better! Look for foods that are high in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar to make your skin glow. If you are an unhealthy eater, ease into this change so that you don’t shock your system (which can cause a breakout).


Before you reach for the expensive serum in your cabinet, make these changes to your life and see if you notice a difference. Not to mention these changes are good for your daily health too. The key to starting a habit is consistency, so do these things every day for the best results!