How to Get Started with Essential Oils

For many people the idea of relaxation feels more like an ideal or dream and not something they can actually reach or achieve. Advances in medicine and psychology however, have found ways to help us find peace and are empowering us with the ability to truly relax. One of these ways we can find more peace is through essential oils. Essential oils have increased in popularity recently to aid in wellness, help reduce stress and more. They’re plant compounds extracted from the roots, peels, bark, flowers, or leaves.

You have almost certainly heard of essential oils and all of the ways they can help. Perhaps you’ve never really believed any of the claims, or you were hesitant to experiment out of fear or worry. Maybe something has changed though and you might be more welcoming of the idea. You may also find yourself wondering how to get started when there are so many different oils, companies, and ways to use them. Here is some necessary information to help you get started on your path to wellness with essential oils.

How To Use Oils

Oils can be used in many different ways depending on the effect you’re aiming for. Placing oils in a diffuser allows you to utilize aromatherapy. Topical application on areas including behind the ears, tops of your feet, or upper back can help. Some oils require a carrier to dilute the solution, or you could harm your skin. You can also add them to your bath water or combine certain oils with your lotion and rub directly onto your skin. If you like the scent of a certain plant, put a few drops in a diffuser and enjoy the aroma as it flows through the room. This is probably the best way to go about it if you’re going to be in the same room for a while, like at your office desk, in a central area of your home, or even in a workout room or area for meditation, yoga and more.

Keep it Simple

There are hundreds of oils and combinations to help health concerns, making it difficult to decide where to start. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to get everything at once. It will cost a lot more than you might be ready to pay and you may not end up with the right combination for you. Many essential oil companies like doTERRA offer essential oil kits with the most popular oils for new users to get acquainted with and learn how to use. You can try them and decide which ones you like or combinations that you might want to purchase in the future. Some of the most common starter oils are lemon, peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Choosing the Right Brand for You

Lastly, you want to use oils that are authentic and free from chemicals or other contaminants. You’ll want to select pure oils that aren’t diluted with water or other carriers to reduce their purity and effectiveness. All oils need to be in dark containers in a cool place to retain their potency. Oils can last for a year or two when stored properly.

Essential oils have a multitude of uses that make them natural health solutions. Use these tips to get yourself and your family started down the natural path to wellness with all the benefits.

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