PROM Prep!: Skincare 101 w/MOVE Makeup!

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For PROM Moms and PROM Goers! Please help me spread the word and share and invite! Thank you!

When we think of Prom we think of the dress, the shoes, the makeup, the boutineer, and the promise of a night to remember!

But we rarely think about things to do *leading up* to prom to make sure we feel and look our absolute best!

In this workshop, we are going to focus on one of those things you can do! That's developing an easy, EFFECTIVE skincare regimen to follow to get blemish free, glowing, and radiant skin - and that's *before* you apply your makeup!

Remember that makeup looks even better on healthy, clear skin. This workshop will show you how to get it ;-).

We will cover:

**The 5 essential steps to creating healthy, blemish free skin

**Why your skincare products aren't working like they promised

**How to make your own skincare products that are cheaper and work tons better

The awesome thing about this workshop is that you can join us from the comfort of your own home - we are going to be on Google Hangout!

Registration is just $12 and with your registration you'll receive a $15 special coupon code to use towards your next order of MOVE Makeup. Because after you get your skin glowing, you won't want to put heavy, toxic ridden makeup on and cause it to break out all over again right?! Plus MOVE is sweatproof so PERFECT for prom night!


TIME: 7pm - 8pm

LINK: You'll receive the link via email after you register! 

Register NOW and reserve your spot - Google Hangout can only accept a certain number of viewers so you want to be sure you are one of them!