#CanvasPrep: Turmeric for Bright Skin

Hey there mavens!

Checking in with you today to share some CanvasPrep beauty tips! You probably know already how important skincare is, maybe even more important than the makeup you use (aghast!). With my beginnings in esthetics, it's important to me that I give you the keys to bringing about your most beautiful face and then adding lovely, non-toxic makeup to that mix for dazzle and pizazz :-).

With that in mind, I'm sharing my latest segment on KTHV, Channel 11 where I talk about the virtues of Turmeric. You know, the yellow spice, that stains like crazy? Well it's absolutely wonderful for your health and is especially awesome for your skin.

Check out the video below (by clicking on the picture) where I give a super simple recipe and talk about some of it's great qualities. I've added this mask once a week to my spring skincare routine and I'm loving the results. Let me know if you try it!