Video Review of Move Makeup

I've been contacting women in the dance community that I admire and asking about their interest in trying out Move Makeup. The response has been great and I'm just so appreciative of all the support! One of the first women I contacted was Rachel Cassandra. Rachel is a Kizomba instructor who has created a website and movement Kizomba Community that shares information about Kizomba instructors and classes around the world. What I love about it is its inclusiveness and positive vibe. Kizomba is a new dance here in the states and it's easy to become over paranoid about losing students to other instructors. Rachel however encourages a community vibe within the Kizomba world which I think is wonderful - more about that later (I will be interviewing her for my new empowered women interview series!).

In any case, Rachel loved what I sent her and created a video unveiling of her Move Makeup experience. How sweet right?! She placed an order right away - talk about support! Thanks again Rachel! Check out her video below!

P.S. If you are a dance professional or just a women who sweats with a tribe you'd like to share your experience with - email me and I'll get samples to you!

Rachel Cassandra tries out some free samples from Move Makeup - "For Women Who Sweat" Get more information and your own free samples at