Inspiration from a Weekend of Salsa

This past weekend, I attended the Huntsville Latin Dance Festival. It was an amazing time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. From performing to dancing all night long, the entire event was a blast.

Of course my makeup stood the test of a weekend full of dancing! Years ago, I would have struggled with wearing makeup or not - my skin is sensitive and even though I wanted to wear it during the day (who doesn't like looking fresh faced in the morning after dancing til 4am), I was always weighing whether the break out was worth it. On performance nights I would wear very little trying to save my skin and despite that, I would still have breakouts. Plus I wouldn't have those beautiful performance looks that makeup can create. It was just a double whammy of bad.

Now however of course, things are much different and I can pull off everything I want to AND my skin doesn't pay the price ;-).

Myself and a Fellow Salsera - This was around 3am in the morning - Makeup still on point!

Myself and a Fellow Salsera - This was around 3am in the morning - Makeup still on point!

Are you a performer? What's your favorite go-to look for the stage?

Getting ready for this event, I was inspired to research some beautiful performance looks. I'm going to share one my favorites with you here.


I love this look! For my next performance, I'm definitely going to go with more shimmer than usual. Using the Move Makeup palette, you can easily pull this off with the neutral colors.

I would use Earth as the base color over my entire lid and then add Brow Pow in the crease. I would then fill out the edges and underneath the eye with Black Knight. Next Socialite would go over the inner lid and underneath the black under the eye. The final touch would be Brow Pow to define my brow and lastly, I would blend everything super well. What a GORGEOUS look!

Now YOUR turn!

What gorgeous look are you going to try next? Let me know in the comments and I'll tell you which Move Makeup colors you can pull it off with :-)!