Why Movement?

Because I am a dancer, I'm moving most of my day. Be it performing, preparing for performing, teaching, exercising, conditioning. 

Yes, sometimes it's great to go without makeup but most of the time, I like to have a polished look. I'm the girl that looks like a teenager without makeup. Sometimes the bags under my eyes are too telling about the long hours I work. Sometimes stress and anxiety shows up all over my face. And who wants that to be their first face forward? 

Instead, I want to be able to get going in the morning and know I'm showing my best self, throughout the day, no matter where the day is taking me. From running errands to running to rehearsal, I don't want one more thing to think about - how's my makeup looking? Or worse yet, is my face going to break out because I gave in and wore this heavy, irritation causing makeup crossing my fingers for the best. 

I never wanted to have to make that sacrifice again and that's why I created Move Makeup. 

On the blog, I plan to share stories of other women that inspire me - women that hold their own in all they do, regardless of what they do. These are women that MOVE. They don't just live life, they THRIVE in life. Stick around and join me :). 

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