Skincare for Dancers 101

Good afternoon! Leah here!

You may or may not know that I'm also an esthetician by trade. Skincare is super important to me, so much so that I built a career on it after I left engineering. I've learned a lot about skincare over the years, especially natural skincare, and so I'm always sharing my knowledge via my blogs or in person. One thing I've learned is that women that sweat like I do (dancers, performers, avid exercisers, etc.) need special care.

Since I'm a dancer, I've finally decided to write a book specifically for dancers on how to care for our skin the best way. This isn't just for dancers though! Any woman with an active lifestyle can benefit from caring for their skin with these steps.

I'm excited about finally being able to offer this to you all and as a thank you, I'm giving the first chapter away free. Sweet right :).

Follow this link to download it:

Thank you!