The beginning

This is the beginning of a new adventure. If you are here, you are one of the first people to check out the new space for Muve Makeup. Muve, which was Move, and used to be Etniq, is a concept that so easily describes what this makeup that I've created can do. It stays in place - regardless how much you are moving - and your skin doesn't have to suffer because of that. How awesome of a concept right?

So you may be wondering who I am. My name is Leah Patterson. I developed this makeup about seven years ago for myself. I'm a professional salsa dancer with sensitive skin. I had to wear makeup for the stage and the traditional stage makeup broke my skin out. Even drugstore brands and department store brands. It was all bad. 

So I finally decided to stop fighting with the bad makeup. Just make your own is what I said to myself. And I actually had the know how to do so. You see, I also am a chemical engineer and a skincare specialist. So I knew exactly what my skin needed and I knew exactly how to figure out how to make it. And so I did :). 

And now I'm at this point in the journey - a new, descriptive and exciting name. Lots of excitement and outside energy and support. Solid next steps. It's an exciting time to be in. Feel free to follow my journey :). 

If you'd like to get to know me better, is a great place to start ;-).