Why #BohoQueen?

I’m really excited about this new collection. I’ve been thinking about it and letting it develop and morph into what it really wanted to be. I initially started with the idea of #BohoFit because MOVE is all about being active and engaged (and yes, that leads to fit-ness) but also about being unique, your own individual self, a beautiful force to be felt in the world. Boheme women are unapologetically themselves, infusing their life with meaning and self-expression and uncoventionalness when convention doesn’t match their inner guidance.


As the collection became it’s own though, with feedback from customers like you, friends and family, I realized that this collection is much more than that - it’s about embracing our Queendom. It’s that significant. It’s that significant for me personally and as a ripple effect out, (because I create what I feel) is significant for my tribe as well.


MOVE is going through a rebirth so to speak. My brand baby is stepping into her own and quietly but assuredly claiming her right to be here and her right to be all that she is, unapologetically. It’s a new identity because it’s undefined even enigmatic. You will get to know who she is as you allow yourself to truly know her - just like anyone of us right?


I’ve said this before - MOVE has never just been about makeup. MOVE is a MOVEment. It awakens that MAVEN within you that is empowered, that is ACTIVELY a part of her life, that is afraid and does it scared anyway, She is the confident you, the you that knows that she has a power from within that moves with her femininity and her divine nature and that she can use at will to shine bright and sparkle with the stars.


And so the #BohoQueen Collection is my first ode to the Queen in you. In this rebirth phase of MOVE Makeup, it’s appropriate to create a collection for you that will inspire you into your rebirth as well. If you’ve needed inspiration to MOVE to your next level of evolution, move with us and be inspired.

Check out the first palette - BOLD - of the #BohoQueen Collection and stay tuned for the REGAL palette - being released next week!

Enter the Barrio Bash MOVE Makeup #Sweatchallenge!

Want to experience how awesome sweatproof, natural makeup is AND share it with your friends and family? Well we want you to too! 

If you're going to be at the 2017 Barrio Bash in Atlanta on April 15th, now is your chance to try MOVE Makeup for free! 

We will be selecting a handful of lucky ladies (less than 5) to receive MOVE Makeup Sample Kits for testing out on Saturday during the workshops and parties. We want you to go full force, all in and put MOVE Makeup to the test!

Apply it in the morning before you head out to the workshops and see how it does through your day of learning. Then apply it again that night and see just how well it holds up to a night of dancing. You will be amazed ;-). 

So what do you need to do to partake in this awesomeness? Keep reading below:


First fill out the application form here: bit.ly/MOVEMBB

On Friday April 14th, if selected, you'll make plans to meet up with CEO Leah Patterson to pick up your sample kit. Don't worry, you'll be in contact with her well before then :-). On Saturday April 15th, you'll apply your MOVE Makeup in the morning using the technique instructions and go about your workshop day. You'll post 3 photos throughout the morning/afternoon and do 1 FB live during that time. You'll also stop by the MOVE Makeup Vending Booth to get a few pictures taken with/by Leah. That evening, you'll do the same thing - post 3 photos throughout the evening, do 1 FB live, and find Leah to snap a few pictures with her.

Trust us, it'll be fun and you'll be happy that you did it!


Winning is easy! Whoever's photos have the most likes across her favorite public social media channel and Facebook will win. That lucky lady will win an exclusive Deluxe MOVE Makeup Essentials Kit ($108 value) and a $30 voucher for Very Fine Shoes*! Kinda Sweet right?!

So don't delay - fill out your application today! Application period closes on Thursday April 6th!

New MOVE Maven Boxes are available!

Hello dear one!

I hope you are very well and that you haven't missed me too much :-D. In terms of recovery, I'm feeling so much better these days finally! For the most part, I can say that most days now, I'm feeling all the way healed, which is a fantastic feeling :). 

So if you've been hanging out with me in our new Facebook Group, then you already know about the plan to start providing MOVE Maven special product boxes. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!

This is something I've wanted to do for years and just have let all types of worries and concerns stop me. But no more, lol! I'm going to let go of perfection and start somewhere right? (Isn't that the old saying!). What the boxes will contain each time is a specially curated combination of products around a certain theme and with certain benefits. I'll only be making 10 to 20 of each box offering at a time and once they are all spoken for, that will be it. Some of the products might be available after but more than likely a lot of them will only be one time gifts :). 

You may or may not know that in addition to making makeup, I've made natural, nourishing skincare and body care products for years - longer than I've made makeup even :-). So these boxes will include not just makeup items, but also skincare and body care, and even items specifically designed to motivate and inspire you. Behind all of this is my soul desire to motivate and inspire you to know your own beauty and to be so very present in your own life. And so there will always be a hint of that in everything I offer to you :).  

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what to include in this first MOVE maven box and I've finally decided - woohoo! I'll admit, at first I had plans to include 6 different items! However, when I started to price things out and think about making it an easy yes for you, I realized that a $45 box would be a lot harder to say yes to than a $20 box :).

So I've pared it down so that it can be a $20 box with a LOT of value still. This is what you are going to get :): 

****MOVE MidSummer's Dream Box - $20 ($32 value)****
Sun Oil $10
Stay Cool Lipgloss (gold shimmer w/ peppermint flavor)
Manifest eyeshadow Trio: Intend (golden highlight), Action (matte brown), emPower (matte yellow)

This box will be ready to ship out on August 22nd. I am so excited about offering this because it combines so many of my interests into one! I am making 20 of these boxes so if you know you would like one, please go ahead and reserve it by purchasing it now instead of waiting! 

I can't wait to get it to you! 


P.S. Join us in our Facebook Group if you haven't already! This week, I'm going to be telling you more the products in the box and why I chose them. Don't miss out