How To Make Your Daily Makeup Routine Faster

Considering that women are becoming increasingly busy, whether they’re working, raising families, or keeping up with daily routines, finding ways to save time is a constant struggle. Making the daily makeup routine faster, while still producing polished results, can go a long way for a busy woman. Here are some great tips for achieving a great look when time is short.

Use a Primer

 Image credit:  New Beauty

Image credit: New Beauty

Primer is a woman's best-kept secret. While it's not a product that many people notice, since it applies clear/skin-tone, primer makes a huge difference in the long run. Using primer helps hold all the products to the skin, making it last longer and saving you from needing to re-apply throughout the day. It works particularly well with liquid foundation and natural powder foundation, but it also works great with eyeshadows, bronzer, and others.

Use a Natural Liquid Foundation or BB Cream

One of the best ways to keep your look fresh, while also keeping your routine quick, is using liquid foundation. While MOVE foundation is a powder, you can easily apply it with water so you get a creamy consistency that soaks into your skin. This application technique will make your skin look lighter and help it glow. Unlike heavier products, liquid applications won't appear caked on or heavy—saving you from spending time fixing mistakes and having to even out your foundation periodically throughout the day.

Skip the Lipstick, Go for the Gloss

While most women believe that red lipstick makes their teeth look whiter and is a quick and classic trick, it's quite the opposite. Red lipstick is sticky, messy, and somehow always finds a way to leave a pink smear on your front teeth. Instead of checking your lips for smudges every 5 minutes, try using a pink or nude gloss. The gloss will make you look fresh-faced and polished, and you won't have to worry about the mess. Instead of the bright lipsticks, try a teeth whitening process, and then gloss over your lips before you go. Even better? You can slip your lip gloss right in your pocket and reapply in seconds--no mirror necessary. Check out these how-to videos for more instructions on applying lip gloss and other makeup on the go.


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There are many quick tricks to making your daily makeup routine faster, while still getting excellent results, including trying natural looking products, like liquid foundation and BB creams, nude lip gloss, and using a primer to keep everything together throughout the day. Your beauty routine doesn't need to be lengthy and complicated to be effective; keep these tricks up your sleeve, and you'll stay looking good even in a rush.


Have a More Youthful Appearance in Just Two Visits to the Dentist

When people get older, they can feel worn down and begin thinking of ways to renew their health. If you’re looking for ways to look and feel younger, consider stopping by the dentist. Here are some general health tips to enhance your youth and some pointers for getting a little help from your dentist.

Tips to Enhance Your Youth

Always start with a healthy diet and exercise. No anti-aging skincare product or ingredient is as powerful as the nutrients in the foods you eat. You need protein to repair damaged skin cells and vitamins to reduce the formation of wrinkles. Your skin gets the most results when you consume these nutrients through your diet.

On the other hand, certain skincare products are also made to combat aging. These products contain the same nutrients that are found in healthy foods. Remember to always check the labels on the products you apply to your body—harsh chemicals and additives can be just as harmful when applied to your skin as they are when you ingest them. Look for natural beauty products when possible.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Going to the dentist is no longer a chore. There are cosmetic dentistry procedures that are quick, easy, and made to help you become a more youthful you. In a few 30-minute visits to the dentist, you'll look and feel younger. Most dental procedures are permanent, so maintaining the results is not difficult either.

Teeth that are stained or missing are common in older people. Use veneers to cover damaged teeth that make smiling difficult. With veneers, the dentist installs overlays onto the teeth that can last for decades of daily use.

Years of smoking or eating sugar have major staining effects on the teeth. Teeth whitening is the method used to reverse years of bad habits. In a few visits, the dentist helps you to whiten using professional gels, strips, or lasers. Then, you do most of the remaining upkeep at home.

A dental implant replaces the teeth that you lost. You get the implant and maintain it like you would maintain natural teeth.

People who are looking to achieve a more youthful appearance should stop by the dentist's office. Cosmetic procedures like veneers and teeth whitening are simple and pain-free—with results that could last a lifetime.

Looking for more ways to feel confident and love the way you look? Shop the MOVE Makeup store for natural products with serious staying power.



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How To Stop Your Smile From Being A Fashion Faux Pas

Everyone wants to look their best, right? You're headed out for the night, your outfit looks amazing and you're feeling good on the inside, too. But then you look at the photos that you took that night and all you can see are your teeth. They're uneven, yellowing, the edges are jagged and so on. Well, no worries! There are ways that you can change that.


To kick things off, it's important that you brush your teeth in general and that you brush them regularly. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice daily. That may feel like it's just common sense but it's important to keep your dental health in mind.


The ADA also recommends that you floss once daily. Flossing helps to remove the sticky bacteria and plaque from between your teeth in the places that your toothbrush can't reach. It also helps with bad breath, which your friends will be thankful for.

Go electric

Now that we've covered that you should be brushing your teeth twice daily, also consider your toothbrush itself. Is your toothbrush old? Then it’s probably not as effective as it should be. Maybe the bristles are bent, bacteria-ridden, soft and dull. Look into buying a firm electric toothbrush.

Avoid drinks that leave stains

What you choose to drink affects your smile. Drinks such as soda, alcohol, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth. The acid in these drinks will strip the enamel from your teeth, and the sugar in them will feed plaques that attack your teeth. This leaves stains, plaque residue and damage to your teeth. If you decide to consume these beverages, you can experiment with using these drinks through a straw that goes past your teeth.

Straighten teeth and jaw

Aligners correct crooked teeth and an uneven bite. They gradually shift your teeth to make them straight and will give you a winning smile. Clear aligners are also invisible and will save you from the potential self-consciousness of wearing braces.

Whiten yellow teeth

Teeth whitening is another option if your problem is that your teeth are yellow. You can make an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened or you can purchase an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Now that you're equipped with better dental knowledge, hopefully you can make adjustments as you see fit to get the most natural, beautiful smile that you want.