MOVE Makeup Instagram Ambassador Program

I can't at all claim this as an original idea, however I think it is a fabulous idea! I love the idea of being able to reward you so wonderfully for helping me to grow the brand and reach of MOVE Makeup. So here's the deal: Would you like to earn $75 for sharing MOVE Makeup with your followers and fans? If you can answer a resounding yes to that, here's how you can do it.

I've created a new program where current and potential customers can help spread the word about MOVE and earn free products in the process. Since this is a new program and I want to see how it works first, I will be selecting just FIVE individuals a month as brand ambassadors. Each month the brand ambassadors will change (except in cases of extraordinariness!), so you'll always have a chance to become one if you aren't selected this month. 

I am so excited about this program - it gives me a chance to give potential customers a chance to try out MOVE who might have limited financial resources but extra time to spare (especially you makeup mavens out there in school making the ends stretch! I remember!). And it gives everyone a chance to be rewarded for being awesome :). That makes me happy and I hope it gets you jazzed too! 

So if you are on board, go ahead and apply below and get the process started!  

~Leah, Maven in Charge

Requirements & Rewards

- Earn $75 store credit monthly. 

- Required to post a minimum of 2 images with MOVE Makeup products or makeup looks using primarily MOVE a week (foundation or eyeshadow must be included), either your own or a repost of mine using a hashtag strategy emailed to you.

- Comment on 5-10 "ideal customer" pictures a week using a hashtag strategy. This will be explained in the email you receive.

- Notate in your bio that you are a brand ambassador for MOVE Makeup.

- Store credit will be rewarded at the end of the month. 

- The brand ambassador with the MOST post/comments will be rewarded!

- Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in not receiving the monthly store credit.

- Brand ambassadors will receive a custom hashtag that is assigned to them for tracking purposes.

- Your IG account will need to be public, or you can create a separate account if you prefer. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not enter your full IG account URL (not just your IG name), your application will not be considered.