"Another way I will honor my commitment to helping women overcome depression and anxiety is by donating 10% of revenues each year to NAMI, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention." ~Leah

Who created MOVE Makeup and Why?


Leah Patterson, chemical engineer turned natural skincare expert and professional salsa dancer, created MOVE Makeup out of her own needs as a woman with sensitive skin. As a dancer, she needed makeup that would last through sweat and long days. As a naturalista and sensitive skin sufferer, she needed makeup that wouldn’t break her out or introduce her skin to unnecessary, potentially toxic ingredients. Because she couldn’t find it on the market, she decided to create it herself and with that MOVE Makeup was born. 

Best Kept Self

In addition to running MOVE Makeup and dancing, Leah also teaches high performing women how to achieve balance through natural skincare, holistic beauty techniques, and wellness principles. She offers 1-on-coaching and group classes and disperses knowledge nuggets through her personal blog and as a contributor to Best Kept Self, The Self-help website for the self-employed. Find out more about Leah.

Tearing it up on the dance floor - salsa style

Tearing it up on the dance floor - salsa style


Leah Patterson has lived by most accounts an extraordinary life. Growing up in in the diverse neighborhood of Hyde Park, Chicago, Leah was blessed with a loving and supportive family. Outwardly Leah had all the signs of success, a string of academic and professional successes including chemical engineering, founder of several businesses and a non-profit organization, not to mention becoming a professional salsa dancer.

Digging deeper behind the surface, Leah held a closely guarded secret. She always had these feelings of inadequacy that she struggled to keep hidden. Leah battled with both depression and anxiety all while keeping up an amazing façade of achievements. 2009 became the crossroads year for Leah when she attempted to take her own life.

Leah began the journey of healing after this suicide attempt. She was able to finally make sense of her depression and develop tangible, physical techniques that helped her take the steps toward her own healing. Leah realized that Western medicine had failed her and she began to study holistic medicine practices.

Goddess Lifestyle Coaching was born out of Leah’s desire to help other women living with high functioning depression to stop simply living but start thriving. Leah dreams of helping thousands of women across the US overcome depression through retreats as well as coaching. Her mission is to let people know that depression does not equal shame but can be a source of empowerment for others.