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Sweatproof, natural Makeup for empowered,active women!

Sweatproof, natural makeup.

Join the MOVEment! You move, but your makeup shouldn't. With MOVE Makeup, it's simple. Your makeup stays in place and your skin doesn't pay the price.

MOVE Makeup Foundation has a unique staying power, lasting through a hectic day at the office or a sultry night of salsa dancing. Formulated with a special blend of minerals and natural plant power, this foundation will last all day and nourish your skin at the same time. Check out our foundation chart for help on selecting your perfect shade.

We have shades for all skin tones and love customizing for our clients. 

Contact us today if you want your foundation customized or for help choosing the right shade for you!

Our concealer is on it's way to being legendary. Very different than your usual concealer, MOVE Makeup concealer covers the reddest and the darkest spots. To get the most flawless look, be sure to use your perfect foundation over it and watch those imperfections disappear. 


MOVE Makeup eyeshadows are a favorite. They are highly pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. That means that you'll have your eyeshadows pretty much forever. Our creator Leah loves making them because all the colors possible really get her creative juices going :)! Check out the individual shadows as well as the various palettes and get your glam on!

Blush is Leah's most favorite bit of makeup magic!

Coral Cool Blush
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